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Ray of Life
Marriage & Spiritual Empowerment

For self sufficient and action based professionals who understand the hustle and grind; learn holistic ways to pursue your family and life's goals by managing  stress and mental health management by connecting to divine consciousness (where oneness and happiness meet.  

I truly believe that the same feeling we feel when we go to work is the same feeling that we feel when we lose someone we love, get abandoned, or divorced. It is the aspect missing someone that I do believe we are not meant to deal with on a daily basis I believe is contributing to the family mental health crisis. I believe this same stress and with unexpected events pushing us to change plans constantly adds to the overall anxiety of life. All of this stress causes family crisis points. 

A family crisis point is any life changing event that takes place in our family that either forces us to change or any change that we make that changes the family dynamic. It can be health related, money related, career related, or spiritual. People are resistant to change which is why life is very difficult for many, even though we want things to change when things get complacent in our lives. Life can seem stationary and have no meaning when things are always evolving and we actually have purpose and that purpose is to live, and the game of life cannot be won without the game of love.  

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